Dar Assayad's Publications

Today Dar Assayad issues nine daily, weekly and monthly publications read by half a million individuals who represent all social cross-sections and professional sectors in all Arab countries.

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ASSAYAD – Weekly News Magazine

The magazine is characteristic of its founder and his belief in the Arab world, particularly Lebanon . Well known for his patriotism, Said Freiha insisted on publishing the first issue of his first media brainchild, Assayad , to coincide with the day of Lebanon 's Independence , November 22, 1943.

Assayad news magazine was Said Freiha's private room where he used to unleash his journalistic genius, his literary talent, and his unique, fluent and incomparable pen.

ssayad , the voice of the people, grew in the care of Said Freiha, attracting the pens of famous writers and men of literature. Today, thanks to attentive managerial follow-up, it remains one of the most attention-grabbing and important weekly magazines in the entire region

ACHABAKA – Feature Weekly Magazine

With his far-reaching vision, Said Freiha felt the capacity and great potential wielded by the Lebanese community in many fields besides politics. As a result of his appreciation for art and artistic issues, the decision to publish Achabaka was made in 1956. Allocating a private and grand budget for that purpose, creating an independent management and choosing an editorial staff, regional offices were launched in Syria and Egypt .

Achabaka distinguished itself from its first issue and continues to do so today. With its fascinating editorial, its coverage of news on artists and all that is new in the world of art, the magazine, spanning the Arab world, continues to preserve its individuality, and remains a reference for all art-related news.

Al ANWAR – Daily Political

In 1959 Dar Assayad gave birth to its third child, and Said Freiha's dream: a newspaper for Lebanon , for Lebanese unity and Arab brotherhood.

Al Anwar was branded as “a newspaper for the reader and only the reader,” carrying the slogan: “The trustworthy news, the sound nationalistic trend, and credentials: the people.”

Despite being born into difficult economic circumstances, with only eight pages, Al Anwar competed with Egypt 's greatest magazines which occupied well-established positions among the world's press.



Al-IDARI – a Business Management Magazine

In 1976, CEO Bassam Freiha created Al-Idari , a specialized newsletter in general administration affairs, contributing to promoting managerial understanding.

Al-Idari was first entrusted to famous writer and journalist Antoine Boutros, and later passed on to Hassan Khoury, who oversaw its editing.

Al-Idari , considered second to none, covers issues as comprehensive managerial ethics, from individual administration to managing riches and developing administrative behaviors. The magazine is read today by a vast number of decision makers, businessmen, executives, academics and corporate management.


ARAB DEFENCE – Monthly Military Journal

The first issue of Arab Defence on October 1976, the same year it was established.

The first of its kind in the Arab world, the journal tackles a vast range of topics and news on military affairs.

In addition to research and articles on Arab security, strategy, various methods of war and other similar studies, Arab Defence covers the Arab world, the Middle East as well as world news. Many sections are reserved for defense-related technologies, military information, satellites, modern weapons systems, and methods of renovating old weapons, all meticulously produced by a staff of expert writers and editors.

These monthly analytical reports on Current Issues first appeared in 1976, during the Lebanese war. These reports offer detailed information on political and economic affairs, the issue of natural resources and contemporary problems. The reports have an analytical style backed by trusted information, which make them a background for decision makers in Lebanon and Arab world.



The first issues of this bulletin, which was introduced in 1976, were published in the middle of the Lebanese civil war. The bulletin features in-depth coverage of political and economic affairs, issues related to natural resources and contemporary problems. Its style is marked by deep analysis and documented information, making it a necessary reference for decision-makers in Lebanon and the Arab world.
AL COMPUTER, Communications & Electronics (ACCE)

In an age where technology has strongly integrated itself into our daily lives in a variety of different ways, ACCE, an Arabic magazine specialized in the world of computers and communications, has come to life. The first issue of ACCE appeared in 1984.

The magazine has an aim; familiarizing the people with a world completely new to them. ACCE offered the Arab reader complete editorials on the latest developments in the world of computers, communication, electronics, as well as a wide coverage on the latest technologies.

ACCE kept pace with the development of technology over the years, successfully predicting future trends. Its success might be attributed to presenting information in a sound, comprehensible and technical Arabic terminology. The magazine also offers an English section casting a spotlight on all the Arabic contents


AL FARES – Man's Monthly Lifestyle Magazine

Issued by Dar Assayad, Al Fares focuses on the interests of the modern Arab man.

The magazine offers a variety of features, includes topics on economy, health, sports, general knowledge, art, nutrition, the world of cars, yachts, private jets, and even women's interests.

The annually increasing circulation of Al Fares is an indication of the Arab reader's contentment in finding issues that satisfy all his interests.

FAIRUZ – Woman's Monthly Magazine

The first issue of Fairuz in 1981 enjoyed great success and drew great appreciation for such specialized magazines.

Fairuz is a specialized magazine covering the world of all women: mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers. The publication features articles on beauty, fashion, family and society to name but a few. In addition, it contributes in creating awareness on all hot women's topics, an appealing resource, both in appearance and content, for distinguished Arab women.